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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

VOLTE Permanent Fix in Leeco Le 1s! | All Eui versions 5.8 019s, 23s, 26s,28s | 2018 Big Good News!

Hello my dear,
If you are using Leeco letv le 1s or any such device & want to enable VOLTE(Jio calling) then you are absolutely at Right place.
If you have already enabled the temporary volte then watch step 3 video below.

Twrp is necessary otherwise it will not work.

(याद रखिये, Le 1s फ़ोन में  पहले से Volte नही आता लेकिन आप कर सकते हैं, 
ये वीडियो Volte permanent बनाने के लिए हैं, उसके लिए आपके फ़ोन में temporary Volte एक्टिवेट होना जरूरी हैं, वरना ये trick काम नही करेगा। उसके लिए आप पहले नीचे दी गयी steps ko देखें)

If you are new here or my youtube channel, never enabled volte before then,
Follow these steps.

1. First Install TWRP recovery.
Watch this video-

2. Enable Temporary VOLTE
Watch this video-

3. Watch this Final video to Enable Permanent VOLTE.
Watch this video-

Thats it!


1. Eui 5.8 017s/5.8 019s - 

2. Eui 5.9 023s -

3. Eui 5.9 026s v5 -

4. Eui 5.9 026s v7 -

5. Eui 5.9 028s (Le 1s latest 2018 official update) -

➡️ Eui 5.5 014s or older users please update to marshmallow 17s or 19s manually then follow above first video.
Link for update 17s-

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